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Transforming wall tiles and floor tiles, wooden panels and enamel steel into design statements.

At The Surface Design Studio, we offer a refined and patented digital printing technology – its advanced printing technique inspires creative thinking and the exploration of design possibilities for your interior or exterior surfaces.

Choose The Surface Design Studio and your finished project is able to withstand all weather conditions and commercial wear with cutting-edge UV stable technology. Gain the confidence that you need in your digitally printed tiles, wooden panels, enamel steel and more.

Bespoke surfaces for architects, designers, retail and hospitality chains

We are confident in our printed surface offering; and so are our customers. Our extensive range of clients includes architects, interior designers, contract tile distributors, artists and well-known hospitality and retail chains. We work closely with each client to determine the finest material for their project in terms of finish, budget and longevity.

The Surface Design Studio specialises in custom printing for architectural and interior design projects.

  • Bespoke wall and floor projects
  • Swimming pool tiles – wall tiles & floor tiles
  • Large format tiles for building facades and signage
  • Custom printing and production of enamel panels for interior and exterior use
  • Custom printing of wood for interior projects

Talk to us today and find out how we can transform a project of any scale into an exciting visual experience.

The Surface Design Studio pushes the boundaries of what is possible. We are proud of our innovative approach to delivering projects and our commitment to pioneering in digital printing methods.


Cannock underpass
becomes local art gallery

One of our most recent installations was a subway mural project for Cannock Council. The mural was a continuation of a project started originally in 2013. To see the BBC report on the project CLICK here.


Making a Ceramic Mural

Telford Enterprise Hub


The Wooden Swimming Pool


Designed by Richard Woods

Royal London Childrens Hospital

Royal London Hospital

Bespoke Printed Mural

Printed Floor Tiles

Weston Garden Stepping Stones

Printed Floor Tiles

Exterior Custom Floor Tiles

YMCA Srebrenica Memorial Plaques

Exterior Custom Floor Tiles

Bespoke Tiled Table Tops

Oasis 'Saucer & Spritz' Cafe

Bespoke Tiled Table Tops

Digitally Printed Wall Tiles

Willesden Green Cultural Centre

Digitally Printed Wall Tiles

Custom Exterior Wall Tiles for London Zoo Lion Enclosure

London Zoo Lion Enclosure

Custom Exterior Wall Tiles

Regeneration Art Project by Robert Trujillo


Californian Youth Centre

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Porcelain Thins – Your New Tiling Choice!

Latest blog post image

Porcelain thins are the tiles on every designer, architect and artists radar, and quite frankly, we are slightly obsessed too. Unlike regular tiles, porcelain thins are a lot larger and significantly thinner. ‘Won’t such a large surface area with a thinner depth be more prone to damage?’ Not at all. Weighing half as less than… read more.